Sonny Sneed Project

Client Background

Entrepreneur and Inventor, Sonny Sneed, established The Sonny Sneed Project. With collaborative support from the National Museum of Education in Akron, Ohio, this organization was created with the initiative to provide alternative life choices and financial opportunities for inner city youth to grow and develop. The Sonny Sneed Project's mission is to help minority youth put their creative concepts and inventions into action to demonstrate how important and valuable their ideas truly are to their futures.

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Inventor Sonny Sneed commissioned Caler&Company to create an identity and tag line to position his new 501(C)3 organization as an access point for minority youth inventors to secure support, mentoring, marketing and protection of their intellectual property.

The Challenge

A month before Black History Month, Sonny Sneed sought public relations support from Caler&Company to promote The Sonny Sneed Project during February, 2008, as an effort to celebrate the lives and achievements of not only African Americans but of the inner city youth that struggle through the hardships of overcoming demeaning stereotypes. These youth perceive their only professional options are athletics and contemporized music.

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Editorial, news releases and published white papers helped
create awareness and inquiries for The Sonny Sneed Project.

The Outcome

Creating the positioning statement, Invent Your Future, Caler&Company promoted The Sonny Sneed Project as a supportive initiative that is dedicated to helping minority youth implement their creative inventions and overcome self-doubt, negative assumptions and the challenges of growing up in the inner city. Caler&Company positioned this project as an effort to encourage young minds to think creatively, demonstrate ingenuity, ask questions and build self-confidence.

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Professional presentation tools
were created to help instill trust
and confidence in the new
non-profit organization.
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Power Point presentations were
produced to help Mr. Sneed recruit
strategic partners, underwriters,
collaborators and contributors.
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Caler&Company implemented strategic planning and brand development including; a name, logo and positioning statement, as well as provided public relations during Black History Month.

Future plans call for Caler&Company to help promote the The Sonny Sneed Project and the development and establishment of Invention Workshops throughout the country that will provide a place and the resources for young inventors to construct prototypes of their concepts.

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